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Standard Kennels are 16 sq. ft.  indoor/60 sq. ft. outdoor common walled chain link runs inclusive of raised kennel mats, "yappy hour" where all our guests receive a complimentary dog biscuit in the evening and one room service meal daily. Additional services are available - see below...

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Pet Suites

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Executive Suites are 54 sq. ft. You can choose to have your dog spend the day in a 60sq.ft. outside run during the day.

Our Executive suites are inclusive of custom plush beds, televisions (tuned to Animal Planet of course), web cams, a room service meal, yappy hour and business walks as needed.

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Our Standard Suites are inclusive of comfy plush European style beds, a room service meal daily, yappy hour and business walks as needed.

Standard Suites are 36 sq. ft. and you can choose to have your dog spend the day in a 60 sq.ft. outside run during the day.

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All suites are designed and built keeping your pets comfort and safety in mind. Do dogs watch TV? Who really knows. We've seen several stare at them as if they truly are watching but we find that most find the noise the TV makes along with the familiar home style design of the suite comforting and familiar to them. It's the perfect solution to pets that might historically find boarding stressful.

The web cams enable pet owners to go on line from their location and check on their loved one ~ comforting them as well. 

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If your pet is staying with us in an Executive Suite, click on the link below to access the webcam in your pet's suite. You should have received the access code to enable you to do so. 

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Rin Tin Tin's Townhouse

Rin Tin Tin 8
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Snoopy's Dog House

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Chatau Toto

Toto 4
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Lassie Manor

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