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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the unfortunate changing laws and demands on "small" business in California, we could no longer continue to keep Oxton Kennels open and operating in a fashion that we felt provided the services our customers had grown accustomed to and deserving of. The current employment climate in California has made our ability to secure both full and part-time kennel help next to impossible while the overhead costs of providing the animals what they need continued to increase. Meeting the many demands of both the state and the increased overhead costs would have required charging our customers prices that we did not feel were reasonable and still did not address our ability to find those willing to work in such an industry therefore we were very unfortunately forced to closed this business as of August 31st, 2021.

We are truly saddened by this event as Oxton Kennels has been in business since the 60's in Salinas, evolving several times to meet the challenging demands and expectations of the pet boarding industry. We simply can not thank our valued clients enough for their support over the years and their overwhelming response to this turn of events. We are currently seeking anyone interested in possibly purchasing any pet boarding related equipment still in our inventory. Interested parties should contact Charlie at (831) 809-2919

Regarding recommendations for your future boarding needs, we strongly urge you to contact your pet's veterinarian for such a recommendation.

        Effective date: 8/31/21.